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Promised Neverland (E1-4)

We become mental assassins as we try and figure out the mystery of this world of kid killin.     Website: Discord:

Baki (E22-26)

We reach the season finale of part 2 in the Baki saga. Baki was in about 2 maybe this was better than the first part? I dunno man....     Website: https://www.trapcas...

Baki (E18-21)

This.....this episode breaks us...     Website: Discord: Facebook: Tw...

Baki (E14-17)

Harris is the worst this time as he forces us to continue with part 2 of Baki...     Website: Discord: Facebook: h...

Beastars (E9-12)

We finally find out if Legoshi will ever get to dip his wick......or do we?     Website: Discord: Facebook: https:...

Beastars (E5-8)

Kyle is sippin some haterade this week and channels his inner kool aid man. Also, more furry stuff.     Website: Discord:

Beastars (E1-4)

You like zootopia? You ever think the fox wanted to sumo smash the bunny? You might like Beastars.....     Website: Discord: https://discord....


WHAT EVEN IS FIRE IN THIS UNIVERSE. Please tell us because we literally cannot figure it out. 

Why are 90% of VRMMO anime so shockingly mediocre? We say words.   

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